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General Questions
How does Travelkosh works?

Travelkosh works in following simple steps.

  • Explore destination, then go through quick on boarding process and talk to our experts to understand the travel region.
  • Customize a plan or choose a package offered by verified travel agents.
  • Based on your requirements, you will be contacted by few service providers and receive competitive quotes.
  • Compare quotes, talk to service providers, local experts through our messaging system to clear your doubt.
  • Once 100% happy with the plan, you can book your trip via our secure payment system.
How much does it cost to use Travelkosh?
Travelkosh conects you directly to verified, local service providers. We don’t charge you anything in the process.
How do I go about doing the booking?

Once you have submitted the query, you will find your queries in your inbox in web and also under queries section in your mobile app.

You will be able to see responses coming from service provider for your query in mobile as well as web. You can ask questions to service provider and customize your trip according to your needs.

Once you are comfortable with the quote from service provider, you can request to generate the invoice. Your invoice is generally means service provider has blocked the necessary services for you and this block is for a limited period within which you have to make the payment to confirm the booking.

Once the payment (partial or full as advised by the service provider) is done, you will receive a booking voucher.

How do I make the payment?
You can request to generate for invoice from mobile as well as web and then make the payment once you are comfortable with the details on the invoice.